After a first release last May, the catalogue of the label has a second release with a project of a folk compilation that we want to develop through the years.

The compilation is named after the Kevin Morby’ song “Parade”. It will be out June 23rd in a limited edition of 200 silkscreen carton sleeve CD. The artwork will be made by the artist Aurélie Mourier

You’ll be able to discover on this first edition, 6 French bands, 3 American bands and 1 Hungarian.

To buy your copy and start to collect every edition of the compilation, it’s there :

“Parade #1” Tracklist:

01. MOUSTACHE MUSEUM – Feeling Older (Nantes / France)
02. STARVING WOODCHUCKS – Mama (Poitiers / France)
03. THROW ME OFF THE BRIDGE – Hailstones (Laval / France)
04. PLATON KARATAEV – Orange Nights (Budapest / Hongrie)
05. JORDAN MURAWA – Funny People (Phoenix / USA)
06. ILOVEYOURASS – Ivresse (Poitiers / France)
07. MAGIC MAGIC ROSES – Nightfall (San Francisco / USA)
08. LOW PARADE – So Long (Poitiers / France)
09. ODDS & ENDS – Alone, I’m Nothing (Paris / France)
10. BUNNY BOY – Hide Away (Methuen / USA)