The Big Idea


The seven-piece group from La Rochelle arrived in the capital three years ago and quickly unearthed the artistic potential of their new home in the outskirts of Paris.

On the ground floor, they built their own recording studio, giving them full autonomy to explore the depth and breadth of their sound. This gave rise to two EPs in 2016, XXXVII and ESS-95.

The band then returned to seclusion to work on the composition and recording of their most ambitious project, a two hour quadruple album called La Passion Du Crime 3 exploring multiple musical universes (garage, acoustic pop, psych rock, experimental music…) in a detective story that unravels across the streets of London.

In 2019, the septuor is back with a third album – Margarina Hotel containing eclectic songs depicting an original and rich universe, allowing the band to confirm is maturity. The album is built as an introduction to a fantastic tale that the band is writing now.